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Pre-K Little Kickers

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Little Kickers

(Kindergarten & 1st Grade)


Skills Academy

(Grades 2 - 4)


Travel Teams Grades 3 - 12


Travel Player Placement

Each spring Watertown Youth Soccer conducts player evaluations for placement on Travel teams for the upcoming year.  The Board of Directors of Watertown Youth Soccer would like to explain the process to be used in evaluating players as well as the criteria for placing players on teams.


We strongly believe that the primary purpose of the Travel program is to develop the skills and confidence of each and every player to assure their current and future enjoyment of the game. We look at four main components: Technical, Tactical, Physical and Mentality. Within these domains, we will be able to see where players are best suited. It is our aim to place Travel players on teams with other players of a comparable skill level, to play against other Travel teams of comparable skill level. It has been our experience that this is the best way to maximize each player’s opportunity to develop his or her skills and confidence. Since children mature and develop physically at different times, it is critically important to reassess their skill development every year to assure that they remain properly placed.  If a player isn't placed on a team because there isn't any open roster spots on a team then they will be given a 100% refund for their registration fee.